Portal 2’s Next DLC Coming on May 8th


A game is only as strong as its community, and Valve is looking to strengthen the one behind Portal 2.  The next downloadable content for Portal 2 has received an official name as it will be called “Perpetual Testing”.

The latest downloadable content for Portal 2 will be arriving to both PC and Mac on May 8th, about a week and a half away.  The DLC is essentially just a level editor that allows gamers to create an endless amount of test chambers to play in.

The announcement of new DLC from Valve wouldn’t be quite right unless there was a funny video to accompany it.

What do you think about the upcoming downloadable content for Portal 2?  If you don’t own Portal 2 already, you can get a great sale on it here.  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Portal 2 in our forums.

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