Refurbished Playstation Vita’s Going for Incredible Deal

 Refurbished Playstation Vita’s Going for Incredible Deal

The Playstation Vita has been steadily picking up steam since it’s launch.  A great launch library has kept gamers entertained, and the remaining titles for the year are enough to keep gamers satisfied.  However, there’s still a large market of gamers who have yet to put down the money for the system.

One of the main deterrents for the system has been the cost.  While the Playstation Vita offers quite a bit to the handheld consumer, it does come with a fairly pricey tag.

Amazon is currently running a rather incredible deal for refurbished versions of the Playstation Vita.  Currently, the system is going for $162.49 and is being backed by the Amazon Safe Buying Guarantee.

Normally buying a refurbished system can be a little scary, but it’s great to see the systems being backed and fulfilled by Amazon.  With this deal, you’re able to purchase a Playstation Vita for near half price and feel sale about your purchase.

What do you think about the Playstation Vita?  If you’re buying a system, what games are you planning to pick up as well?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Playstation Vita in our forums.

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