Dead Island Receives a Crazy Discount

 Dead Island Receives a Crazy Discount

Last year, Deep Silver & Techland put out one of the most enjoyable zombie games we’ve played in quite some time.  Dismembering zombies has never been quite as fun, especially when you’re with a group of friends.

The game kept the fun factor, created “scary” elements, but gave you an RPG-like experience that kept gamers entertained for weeks.  If you missed out on all of the fun created  from playing Dead Island, you’re in luck.

Amazon is holding a sale currently that offers Dead Island for only $20 on the Xbox 360, $30 on the Playstation 3, or slightly over $20 on the PC.  For the amount of gameplay and fun you’ll get out of the title, it’s a steal at any of those prices.

What was your opinion on Dead Island last year? If you’re picking the game up, be sure to let us know by leaving us a comment below or find people to play Dead Island with in our forums.

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