Trials Evolution Map Editor Shows Unlimited Possibilities

 Trials Evolution Map Editor Shows Unlimited Possibilities

This week, the long-awaited Trials Evolution will be available on your Xbox 360 console.  The original in the series, Trials HD, became an instant favorite for each gamer that downloaded it from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Trials Evolution is looking to build upon that same great formula and increase the longevity of the title with the map editor.  The video we’re bringing you today shows what seems like unlimited possibilities with the game’s built in map editor.  You’ll see different vehicles, the Eiffel Tower, and unbelievable courses built.

Continue viewing below for the latest trailer for Trials Evolution.

What do you think of the map editor in Trials Evolution?  Don’t forget to download Trials Evolution on April 18th when it officially hits the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Trials Evolution in our forums.

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