New Year’s End: An Amazing BioShock Film

When it comes to adapting a video game to the big screen, the films tend to often be terrible.  It’s refreshing when a smaller short film is put together, as the quality tends to be better and more interesting overall.

For anyone that’s even played a small piece of a BioShock game, you know that it’s a universe that draws you in.  The team at Machinima has put together a short film that does a solid job at capturing that same environment.

Don’t expect the greatest special effects, just take the short film for what it is: well done.  Continue viewing below for the “New Year’s End” BioShock short film.

What do you think about the BioShock short film?  What’s your favorite memory from the BioShock series?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss BioShock in our forums.

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