Amazon adds Retro Gaming Store

 Amazon adds Retro Gaming Store

I can’t get enough of games that aren’t made anymore, and that really is as simple as it sounds; they just don’t make them like they used to. While I’ll admit some games have become difficult to look at due to age and incredible advancement in technology since, most newer games lack the intimacy and of simple graphics and gameplay engines like NES classic Faxanadu (pictured above).

What I’m getting at exactly is that Amazon has decided to make the lives easier of anyone who wants to revisit the days when blowing into cartridges was a necessity, and even further back. Thanks to a new store hub, all of your retro needs from just shy of thirty consoles ranging from ColecoVision to Game Boy Color to PlayStation 2 and everything in between is a click away. The store in itself acts like the rest of Amazon, where you can buy new (which I highly advise against if you’re into having money) and used merchandise, it’s just a cleaner set-up with less searching required to navigate.

If you’d like to check out the Retro Gaming Store on Amazon, click here. That said, what do you think of ¬†Amazon’s effort to revive the fallen consoles and games of the past? Let us know here by leaving a comment or tell us in our forums!


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