Far Cry 3 In-Game Multiplayer Footage Goes Live

Far Cry 3 is slowly getting more press, and rightfully so.  The series as a whole often gets overlooked by the average first-person shoot fan, but Ubisoft is looking to change that with the release of Far Cry 3.

The first in-game multiplayer footage for the title has went live today, and it brings quite a few new additions to the series.  The footage you’ll see in the video we’ve included will remind you a good bit of the Battlefield series.

The gunplay looks sound, there’s XP to be earned similar to Call of Duty, and there looks to be a rather heavy focus on objective gameplay.  For fans who were on the edge of pre-ordering the title, today’s footage from our friends at VG247 may be what they need to help them feel comfortable.

One of the more unique aspects you’ll see in the video happens at the end of the match.  If you happen to win the match, you’ll get the option to allow the top scoring player on the other team to live or kill them.  The more you play the game, you’ll be able to unlock different animations.  Some are rather “simplistic”, and as the announcer says in the video, some are rather “graphic”.

What do you think so far about the multiplayer in Far Cry 3?  Are you looking forward to picking the title up later this year?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Far Cry 3 in our forums.

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