First PC Screenshot of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Released


When it comes to comparing games on a console or on a PC, one of the biggest flame wars seems to always revolve around graphics.  While consoles are great, companies are often able to get more graphical power out a PC than they are out of a console.

If visuals are the only deciding factor for which system you’ll pick up Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, then your decision may have just been made.  The official twitter for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier tweeted out a link today that showcases a rather large image for the game.  For graphic whores, it’s definitely something to drool over.

What do you think of the first PC screenshot of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier?  Which system are you planning on purchasing the game for?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Ghost Recon: Future Soldier in our forums.

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