‘Tiger 13’ Now Available to EA SPORTS Season Ticket Holders

 ‘Tiger 13’ Now Available to EA SPORTS Season Ticket Holders

Just a reminder for those who purchased the EA SPORTS Season Ticket last August or any time since, today marks the first day you can download the full retail version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 to your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, which releases in North America on March 27th.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 offers a plethora of new content, most notably the addition of full Kinect integration and a mode called the “Legacy Challenge”, which allows you to essentially live Tiger Woods golf career (no DLC for his off-course incidents is planned as far as I’m aware) starting as a two year old. There are ten chapters throughout the course of Wood’s life such as the “Amateur Years”, showcasing ages 18-20, where you get to relive and recreate the legacy of one of the greatest golfers in modern history. As well as those additions, you’ll be seeing an altered control scheme, specifically one which makes putting harder (because we all know it was too easy to begin with, right?)

For those who either don’t have Season Ticket or don’t remember how it works, by downloading the Early Access version of the game you will have every single facet of the game available to you up until March 27 when the game releases. Upon that date, your early download will lock and be unavailable until purchasing the full game via download or a retail copy in stores.

So, EA SPORTS Season Ticket holders, are you going to download Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on your console? Even better, have you already? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or tell us about it in our forums!

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