Buy One Year of Xbox Live, Get 5 Free XBLA Titles

 Buy One Year of Xbox Live, Get 5 Free XBLA Titles

If you’re running out of time on your current Xbox Live subscription or simply feel like stockpiling for future years, acclaimed online retailer Buy.com is offering a deal that combines one year of Xbox’s online service and five Xbox Live Arcade titles for $49.99. Titles included in this deal are Lode Runner, Aqua, Snoopy Flying Ace, The Maw, and R-Type Dimensions.

To put it in better perspective, the cumulative total of purchasing these games separately in the Xbox Live Marketplace is 4,000 Microsoft Points. If you wanted to purchase all five of these games, you would have to pay exactly $49.99 for $4,000 Microsoft Points. The Xbox Live (or the five games, however you want to look at it) ends up paying for itself in full.

It’s not an absolute rush sort of deal either, as Buy.com will be holding the sale until March 21, 2012. On top of the Live and games, you’ll also receive free two-day shipping and (as is typical with major online retail outlets) sales tax doesn’t apply in most states. Even if you don’t personally care about all of the games, you’re still getting $10 off one year of Live, and I’m a big fan of that idea alone.

Are you going to take advantage of Buy.com’s Xbox Live sale? Let us know by leaving a comment below or telling us in our forums!

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