All Editions of Gears of War 3 on Sale Today

 All Editions of Gears of War 3 on Sale Today

If you’ve been looking for a few chest-high walls to hide behind, then the sale we’re bringing today fits your needs.  Gears of War 3 launched towards the end of last year to much critical praise, and it’s going on sale today for half off the normal cost.

In addition to the regular version of the game being available for a discount, both the limited and Epic editions are also available for a sale today.  You’ll find the price being knocked down $20 for the limited edition and $50 off of the Epic edition.

Amazon is holding the sale at least through today.  As mentioned above, you’ll be able to grab the regular, limited, or Epic edition of the game today for an extremely discounted rate.

What do you think about Amazon’s sale on Gears of War 3?  Are you planning on picking the game up thanks to the sale?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Gears of War 3 in our forums.


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