Maxis Announces SimCity for PC in 2013

If you’re a fan of crafting your own dream city, then you’ll be happy to know that SimCity will be making a comeback next year.  During the EA Game Changers event at GDC 2012, EA & Maxis made it official that SimCity will be releasing in 2013.

A rumor surfaced within the last few weeks that mentioned a new SimCity title, so it’s great to hear that EA has made the announcement official.  Thanks to the official website for the new SimCity title, we’ve been able to list a few details in regards to the title below:

  • Work together with friends to build a region for the first time! The cities in your friends’ region will directly interact with each other.  Want to be a good neighbor? Send fire trucks to help your friend in an emergency.  Want to be a bad neighbor? Produce mass pollution and watch your friends’ Sims become sick. Team up to share resources and accomplish great feats like launching shuttles into space.  Participate in global challenges like lowering the total pollution output in the SimCity world to unlock a trophy to place in your city.  Check regional and global leaderboards to compare your city with your friends. Every decision in your city and those in your friends’ cities will impact the greater SimCity world.
  • Immersive 3D worlds and tactile interactions give you the power to shape the city you envision.  Customize buildings to unlock additional functionality and offer additional gameplay benefits.  Experiment and place buildings in different locations and watch how it affects your city. Play with new enhanced design tools like curvy roads and zoning to create the city you always wanted. Complete missions to unlock better buildings and create the most impressive city in your region.
  • SimCity introduces GlassBox, the revolutionary simulation technology that gives you the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once.
  • The Sims in your city speak to you directly and it’s up to you to respond by completing pledges.  Unlock rewards and earn achievements by meeting your Sims basic demands, like providing water and electricity, but soon they will ask for better schools and bigger parks.  How you manage your city and the Sims living in it is entirely up to you.   Build hospitals for the sick and provide entertainment for leisure and your Sim population will grow and be happy.
Maxis hasn’t released any additional details at this point, but it’s great to hear that a new SimCity title is in development.  Along with the announcement, a trailer was released showcasing the vision for the title which we’ve included above.

What do you think about EA & Maxis releasing a new SimCity title?  What are a few of the features you hope to see in the title?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss SimCity in our forums.

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