Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Demo Now Available on 360 & PS3

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to hit the links.  Whether you’re on the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3, the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 demo has officially hit your console of choice.

The demo gives you the ability to replicate your real life swing with the revamped swing mechanic and also allows you to create your very own country club.  The country club feature is rather intriguing as you’ll be able to set yours up, invite your friends, and compete amongst your own individual leaderboards.

Below, we’ve included a few extra details from the press release we received in regards to the demo.

The Xbox 360 version of the demo supports Kinect for Xbox 360 integration and is the first-ever voice-enabled and controller-free sports simulation game.  Kinect tracks full body movements to create the most advanced virtual golf swing to date.  Improved gameplay support for the PlayStation Move controller has also been added for the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 demo.

Get a head start on creating your own Online Country Club. Starting today, gamers can go to http://www.easports.com/countryclubs and create their own Country Club, customize the club logo and invite friends – all in preparation to gain quicker access to exclusive golf courses or compete against other club members for the coveted Club Championship once Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 ships!

Get a leg up on your competition. Everyone who downloads the demo receives a special Pin Pack that can be used to receive different types of boosts and gameplay enhancements in the full version* of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13.

What do you think so far of the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 demo?  If you’re on the Xbox 360, have you tried the Kinect features yet?  If you have enjoyed the demo, don’t forget to pre-order yourself a copy before it launches on March 27th.

You can download the Xbox 360 version of the demo here, or by accessing the Playstation Store on your Playstation 3.  Be sure to let us know what you think of the demo by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 in our forums.

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