Official Achievements for Prototype 2

 Official Achievements for Prototype 2

Next month, you’ll be able to get your hands on Prototype 2 for your system of choice.  You’ll be able to run through New York in the famous open-world style environment that the Prototype series offers to cause your destruction.

Thanks to our friends over at X360A, we’ve been able to get our hands on the official achievements for Prototype 2.  There’s a total of 43 achievements for the game that add up to the standard 1,000 points.

Continue viewing below for the full list of achievements for Prototype 2.

Anger Management (20 points)
Destroyed 5 vehicles using a Finisher.

So Above It All (20 points)
Spend at least 25 consecutive seconds in the air (helicopters don’t count).

Vitamin B-rains (10 points)
Acquired 10 upgrades through Consumes.

Eating Your Way to the Top (30 points)
Acquired 30 upgrades through Consumes.

Finally Full (50 points)
Acquired all 46 upgrades through Consumes.

Icarus (15 points)
Reached the highest point in the world.

Spindler’s Search (40 points)
Destroyed all Lairs.

//BLACKNET Hacker (40 points)
Completed all //BLACKNET dossiers.

One by One (20 points)
Stealth Consumed 50 Blackwatch troopers.

Wanted Man (20 points)
Triggered 50 alerts.

All Growed Up (50 points)
Fully upgraded Heller.

Master Prototype (50 points)
Completed the game on HARD difficulty.

It’s an Epidemic (10 points)

I Want Some More (10 points)

Religious Experience (10 points)
Meet Father Guerra.

This is a Knife (20 points)
First Prototype Power aquired.

Project Closed (20 points)
Completed a //BLACKNET mission.

The Mad Scientist (30 points)

Something to Live For (30 points)

What a Bitch (30 points)

Murder your Maker? (100 points)
Complete the game.

Follow Your Nose (30 points)
Found all BlackBoxes.

Up to No Good (30 points)
Defeated all Field Ops teams.

Strike, You’re Out. (10 points)
Destroyed a Strike Team in 15 seconds or less.

Compulsive Eater (10 points)
5 consumes in 10 seconds or less.

Do the Evolution (20 points)
Acquired 5 Mutations.

Just a Flesh Wound (10 points)
Dismembered a Brawler.

All Together Now (20 points)
10 or more kills with a single Black Hole attack.

Back Atcha! (20 points)
Deflected 5 missiles at enemies using Shield Block.

Two for the Price of One (20 points)
Simultaneously killed 2 Brawlers using a single Devastator.

Lair to Rest (15 points)
Destroyed a single Lair.

Hijack Be Nimble (15 points)
Stealth hijacked 5 tanks or APCs.

Road Rage (20 points)
Destroyed 10 Blackwatch tanks, APCs or helicopters using a single hijacked tank or APC.

Who Watches the Watchers? (20 points)
Consumed 10 //BLACKNET targets.

Hard to Please (20 points)
Acquired a Mutation in each of the 5 categories.

The Floor is Lava (15 points)
Traveled a half mile using only Wall Run, Glide, Jump and Air Dash.

Cannonball! (10 points)
20 or more kills with a single Hammerfist dive attack.

You’re the Bomb (10 points)
10 or more kills using a single Bio-Bomb.

Sic ’em! (20 points)
Destroyed 5 helicopters using Pack Leader.

Over-Equipped (20 points)
Weaponized 10 vehicles.

The Best Offense (20 points)
Countered enemy attacks 20 times using Shield.

Arcade Action (10 points)
Karate kicked a helicopter.

I Caught a Big One! (10 points)
Mounted a helicopter using Whipfist.

What do you think about the official achievements for Prototype 2?  Are you planning on picking up Prototype 2 when it launches next month?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Prototype 2 in our forums.

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