Halo 4 Dev Diary Showcases Gameplay & Multiplayer

If you’ve been craving footage to finally be released of Halo 4, then today is your lucky day.  343 Industries has released a developer diary for Halo 4 which showcases quite a bit of gameplay and multiplayer action.

The title was unveiled this past way at the Microsoft Spring Showcase along with a slew of other titles.  With a doubt though, Halo 4 was the game that grabbed the most attention.

The game is stated to be one of the most gorgeous games that will ever hit the Xbox 360.  The developer diary definitely lends some strength to those rumors as you’ll see impressive environments and textures.

Continue viewing below for the first developer diary for Halo 4.

What do you think about the first developer diary for Halo 4?  Have you pre-ordered yourself a copy of Halo 4?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Halo 4 in our forums.

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