Shepard’s Gay Romance Scene Leaked for Mass Effect 3

For anyone who has played the Mass Effect series, it’s rather well known that you have the ability to “romance” another character.  This feature had been limited to only being able to romance characters of the opposite sex.

With a game that has such a huge focus on “choice”, it was a little strange for it not to cater to the gay community.  BioWare listened to a ton of feedback and criticism and made the decision to allow gamers to romance characters of the same sex.  It’s a huge step in the video game world, and BioWare deserves some credit for doing something that quite a few developers shy away from.

A romance seen between a male Commander Shepard and Cortez, a character in Mass Effect 3, has surfaced via YouTube.  Below, we’ve included the video but it does include a few spoilers.

What do you think about how BioWare has addressed the gay romance option?  Have you pre-ordered your copy of Mass Effect 3 yet?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Mass Effect 3 in our forums.

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