SimCity 5 Rumored to Be Releasing in 2013

For those of us that were ever able to play the game, we put a fairly ridiculous amount of time into the SimCity series.  I first was shown the game on a family trip up to Canada where a friend of the family was playing it on their desktop computer.  I could create the city of my dreams and then have it be destroyed by a monster? I’m sold.

While the series has seen numerous changes over the years, it still holds a special place for those that ever once created their own city in the game.  SimCity 5 has apparently been leaked by a German magazine which claims the game is set for a 2013 launch.

The new engine for the game is said to allow you to zoom in close enough to view street signs or storefronts, or go back to the more “traditional” viewpoint from up above.  Having your police station catch 10 criminals, for example, will allow your building to be upgraded.  Roads are also said to be able to be more of a “windy” path as compared to the normal straight grid the series has enforced.

There’s even said to be a multiplayer component that allows you to visit a friend’s city to share resources or territory.  More interested in managing a city cooperatively? That appears to be a possibility as well.

Maxis is also set to be doing a presentation at GDC 2012.  Could we be seeing the potential unveiling or announcement of SimCity 5 coming next week during the expo? We’ll keep our eyes pealed as it could be incredibly likely.

While we’re classifying this one as a “rumor”, it’s still great to hear about the potential development and launch date for SimCity 5.  What do you think about the rumor we’ve posted?  What kind of features do you hope to see in SimCity 5 when it releases?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss SimCity 5 in our forums.

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