Tons of Doom 4 Screenshots Leak Out; Game Not Cancelled

Doom 4 was lumped in a category with Duke Nukem: Forever for quite some time as fans began to seriously lose hope that it would ever release.  Well, Duke Nukem: Forever finally released (unfortunately) and Doom 4 is still “being worked on”.

A rumor surfaced earlier this morning on AGB that Doom 4 had been cancelled.  Along with the rumor of the cancellation of the game, over twenty different screenshots hit the internet claiming to be from Doom 4.

Bethesda has went on record today to state that Doom 4 is not cancelled, but provided no additional information.  The screenshots you see below are from AGB, but we’ve still yet to receive confirmation at the time of this post if they are in fact from Doom 4.

Doom 4 could be a possible E3 reveal, but it’s hard to hold your breath at this point.  Fans have to also struggle with the fact that the game may not be worth the wait.  Looking at Duke Nukem: Forever you’ll see that a long development time doesn’t always pan out to be a great game.

What do you think about Doom 4 still being in development?  Do you believe the screenshots we’ve posted are actually from the game?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Doom 4 in our forums.

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