HBO Go Coming to Xbox Live April 1

If you’re a fan of streaming media, we have some good news to share. HBO Go has resurfaced for real after originally being touted for a late 2011 release (and subsequently delayed after not being included in the fall 2011 Dashboard update) and it is now confirmed that HBO Go will officially be added to the Xbox Live Dashboard on April Fool’s Day. Let’s be honest though, this is no joke: The news came during an HBO event on February 27th as originally reported by¬†Engadget. For those who have never used HBO Go, think Netflix, but HBO.

There has been no word on the cost of a subscription price yet, but fans of series such as Game of Thrones (as Engadget also pointed out) will be able to follow the new season via their consoles now. Time will tell if the feature will be added for PlayStation 3, or even the Nintendo Wii to a lesser extent, but nothing has been discussed as of this writing.

Honestly, as much as I like seeing all forms of media become easily accessible, I’ll probably pass on HBO Go. Netflix is plenty for me, but consider me on the fence until we see a price point.

Are you going to subscribe to HBO Go via your Xbox 360 on April 1st? Let us know below in the  comments or stop by our forums to discuss it!

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