EA SPORTS Releases SSX Demo for the Xbox 360 & PS3

The SSX series holds a special place in the hearts of most gamers that were able to at least play the title.  EA caught a great deal of flack on the initial announcement trailer of the game, but proved the game was worth the attention when the first gameplay was shown.

EA SPORTS released a demo for the title on both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, and you owe it to yourself to play it.  The demo allows for gamers to experience two events: a race event in the Rockies and a trick event in New Zealand.  EA mentioned that the demo will only be available for download until March 20th.

You’ll be able to use Zoe, but by referring the demo to friends you’ll unlock Mac to use.  The demo also allows you to upload race times, trick scores, and different “ghosts” to the servers.  We’ve had the chance to briefly play the demo, and it’s well worth the download.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of SSX?  Have you been able to try the demo out? If so, what are your thoughts?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss SSX in our forums.

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