Day 1 Studios Teases MechAssault 3 Announcement

Mech Assault was a fantastic exclusive for Microsoft on the original Xbox.  When Xbox Live first launched, gamers spent hours with their mechs online battling against opponents.  With Xbox Live being so new, it became one of the more popular games for the system initially.

We’ve had a rather long hiatus since the launch of MechAssault 2, and fans of the series have been wanting a new title for quite some time.  We broke a story a few weeks ago about MechAssault 3 being in development.  It appears that after that information was uncovered, Day 1 Studios are now set to make an announcement.

The teaser trailer above is titled “Storm Warning”, which is from an official post on the official Day 1 Studios website.  The studio references “returning to its roots” which are referring to the beloved MechAssault series.

What do you think about the upcoming announcement of a new MechAssault title?  Are you glad to see the series back?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss MechAssault in our forums.

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