Top 5 Game Series That Should Be Movies

Okay, so video games and movies don’t exactly go well together.  Whether it starts as a video game or a movie and transitions to the other side, you’re more than likely to be very disappointed.

There are a few games that can definitely break the mold.  While some have been “in talks” for quite some time or rumored for years, we’ve compiled a list of our five most wanted games that should be movies.

Continue reading below for our full list, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about our selections in the comments.

5. Splinter Cell – Sam Fisher is a character that gamers just can’t seem to get enough.  From the original days of patrolling in the shadows with Sam and going on incredible missions to the days of Conviction where he’s a little more action-oriented, you have to love Sam Fisher.

Taking the Splinter Cell series to cinema would allow for numerous movies that could taken down a similar path to the “Bourne” series in terms of direction.  There’s plenty of story to choose from here, but having with the same style of personality would be key.  We wouldn’t mind seeing Liam Neeson or Daniel Craig suit up as Sam Fisher on the big screen.

4. Uncharted – For the last year or so, there have been serious talks on and off about bringing the Playstation exclusive series to the movie world.  Fans erupted with anger when Mark Wahlberg was initially cast as the lead, and rightfully so.

The talks have died down recently, but Nathan Drake’s character just screams “movie”.  The series has been often compared to this generation’s video game version of Indiana Jones.  Bringing the cast of characters from the Uncharted world could be a huge blockbuster for Sony and Naughty Dog, and draw even more interest to their games.

3. Mass Effect – We would rank this one a little higher, but with so much emphasis on “choice” in the series its very hard to push this one any higher.  Fans could easily be upset over choices that would be made in the movies such as certain characters dying, paths taken to the end, etc.  The game offers huge set pieces, tons of action, plenty of room for character development, and a world that’s worth getting lost in.

Commander Shepard deserves to be on the big screen, but we wouldn’t be jealous of any of the writers behind the plot.  Mass Effect has been rumored to be in the beginning stages of a movie deal, but we just hope that if a deal is made the director plays through the series.

2. Metal Gear – Plain and simple, let’s make it happen.  Whether you go the route of Big Boss or Solid Snake, we’d love to see Metal Gear have a movie series.  The series is known for its depth and great storytelling, and hell, there were a ton of cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Regardless of which was your favorite, Metal Gear deserves the movie treatment.  It’s a video game series that has been around since 1987, longer than most people reading this article have been alive, and is one of the most respected series to date.  If the series does make the jump to cinema, we want Kojima to ensure the movie stays true to the game.

1. Halo – Five years ago, most fans would believe that the Halo movie would already be on the big screen.  It’s without a doubt one of the most wanted video game movies out there.  The director of this movie would have a fairly tough time, however, as Master Chief doesn’t really speak during the series.

The series has seen a few books released around its world, and there’s plenty of room for characters other than Master Chief himself.  Microsoft had put together rather impressive marketing video spot for Halo: Reach that most fans thought could be a teaser from a Halo movie.  Fans are counting on a Halo movie, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that Spartan 117 comes to the big screen.

What do you think about the selections we’ve made above?  Do you disagree or do you have another game series that you would rather see made into a movie?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss video games in our forums.

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