Far Cry 3 Cinematic Trailer Leaks Out; Shows Release Date

Far Cry is a series that definitely has a cult following, but may be making more of a move to a mainstream audience with the release of Far Cry 3.  A brand new cinematic trailer has been leaked for the game and it’s thoroughly impressve.

The trailer shows three friends on an island who are enjoying the “paradise”.  As we’re sure you can imagine, things go “not as planned” and they’re found in a tricky situation.  Rather than spoil the action, we’ll let you witness the trailer.

The trailer references a September 6th release date for Europe, but gamers in North America can expect a September 4th release date.  What do you think about the latest cinematic trailer for Far Cry 3?  Are you interested in picking the game up later this year?

Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Far Cry 3 in our forums.

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