Twisted Metal Put Out Early; Jaffe Approves Buying It

There’s many reasons to love David Jaffe, as he’s been one of the best personalities in gaming for quite some time.  If you check his Twitter account, he’s constantly replying to his fans and asking for suggestions on how to make any game he’s working on better.

Earlier today, a fan tweeted at David Jaffe informing him that a local K-Mart had put the game out early.  Jaffe’s response? “Just please grab patchB4play!”.  Most developers would simply ignore the tweet, alert their PR department, but Jaffe shows that he truly wants his fans to be happy and to play his games.

Whether you’re able to snag Twisted Metal early or if you have to wait until February 14th to grab it, be proud that you’re supporting David Jaffe.  The game’s demo has been out, and while it has had a few server issues, it has the old feel of Twisted Metal that fans loved.

What do you think about Twisted Metal being out early at certain K-Marts?  Are you planning on picking up Twisted Metal next week?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Twisted Metal in our forums!

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