2k Sports Bundling Its Desperation? NBA/MLB 2k12 $69.99 (360 only)

NBA 2k12 was highly rated by reviewers, and highly criticized by gamers.  It’s still the flagship title of 2ksports; the MLB 2k titles have always been…glitchy.  The fun factor has increased over the last two years, but little things like not managing to get the numbers on the back of jerseys to their proper size still plague this game.  I’ve always said it played more like fast pitch softball than baseball.

So what do you do when you have a series that  released an iteration (2k9) where  you catching fly balls was a problem because of the animation?  Bundle it with your number one seller, but only on the system where it has no competition anyway.  The best (and most disappointing) pre-release MLB 2k  info I saw came from this piece on Kotaku.  Certainly read the article (it’s very good).  Conclusion: the 2k baseball team threw in the towel and will wait until they can make money to try to improve the game.  For now , you can have NBA 2K12 for $10, or MLB 2k12 for $10 – however you look at it…but only on the 360; again, 2k is letting us know that they just don’t feel they can make a dent in MLB: The Show’s market share, even with a $10 game.


Are you going to give 2k sports your hard- earned cash this year? Let us know in the forums

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