EA SPORTS Announces the Tiger Legacy Challenge

It’s fairly rare that a sports game can reveal a new mode and I’m shocked.  Sports games have typically seen just about every mode possible by now, with the only exception being the ones that fans cry for but never receive.

EA SPORTS has announced a new mode today for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, called “Tiger Legacy Challenge”. Rather than taking you through a few generic events, the Tiger Legacy Challenge lets you relive some of the most famous moments in Tiger’s career.  Well, not that moment.

You’ll start off with Tiger as a small child sinking the famous putt on the Michael Douglas Show and progressing your way to try and break Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record.  It’s an interesting mode for a sports game, as EA will even hide tutorials in the mode.  Players, for example, will be in a sandbox in Tiger’s childhood backyard working on digging the ball out of the sand.

Most of us have watched Tiger Woods on television as long as we can remember, and being able to relive some of his most cherished moments will be more than nostalgic.  As you progress through the mode, you’ll also be able to unlock various pieces of content.  What happens if you beat the mode? Well, EA SPORTS isn’t saying just yet, but they’re alluding to it being well worth your while.

What do you think about the Tiger Legacy Challenge in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13?  Are you planning on picking the game up on March 27th when it’s available?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 in our forums.

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