Where Was PS Vita On Super Sunday?

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. Advertisers around the world seize on this day to procure hype and awareness for their products. It’s pretty much the only day Americans are not only willing to watch commercials, but actively anticipate them. If you have this big new release coming this month, the Super Bowl would seem like a pretty good time to drop some advertising dollars and get your message out there, wouldn’t it?

So… where was the Playstation Vita commercial yesterday, Sony?

Listen, I know it’s not doing all that well in Japan, I know the buzz here is barely existent for it, but at least pretend that you’re throwing your full support behind this thing. Sure, smartphone gaming and Nintendo’s portable behemoth machine rule the portable roost, a roost you aren’t likely to infiltrate, but try. Because right now you’re not trying. You’re setting yourself up for failure. If it’s a cool machine, the American public will buy it, they just have to know it exists first.


RIP Playstation Vita (2012-2012). We hardly knew ye.

Lots of consoles and portables have been released in my lifetime, but none have had this little hype with a name like Sony behind them. They’re fumbling this release, and the Vita is going to be dead in the water before it’s even released at this rate.


Are you one of the few who actually knows the Vita exists? Are you actively anticipating it? Are you wondering what that PSP thing with the extra stick is in the picture? Talk about that and more in our forums!

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