Rockstar Recruiting For New “Open World” Game

Rockstar San Diego, most notably of Red Dead Redemption and Midnight Club fame, has posted three job openings over at their Gamasutra page according to Game Informer that suggest the studio is ready to get to work on it’s next title.

One of these jobs, an opening for a Network Programmer, tips Rockstar San Diego’s hand a bit as far as it’s plans for this future title, as this little gem lies within the job description: “Rockstar San Diego is looking for a networking programmer who specializes in the synchronization of the wide range of gameplay mechanics found in a Rockstar open world game.


We don't know what's next, but we're pretty sure John isn't involved.

Will we get a sequel to the beloved Red Dead Redemption? Or will it be a completely new adventure from the developer? Time will tell, but speculation will surely begin around the gaming community immediately.


So what exactly is Rockstar San Diego doing? A Red Dead Redemption sequel? New Midnight Club? An open world opus based on Adam Sandler’s criminally misunderstood You Don’t Mess With The Zohan? Speculate to your heart’s content in our forum!

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