StickSkills.com Heading to Madden NFL 13 Community Event

I’m thrilled to announce that StickSkills.com will be present at the first Community Event for Madden NFL 13 in a couple of weeks, as I have been invited to attend as part of the EA SPORTS Game Changers program. I’ll be working alongside other gamers and the Madden NFL development team in-studio at EA Tiburon to provide feedback for Madden NFL 13.

This is where the StickSkills community comes in. Was there a bug you couldn’t stand in Madden NFL 12, a feature you want to see worked on more? This is a chance to get those questions, comments and/or concerns directly to the development team! Gameplay, Presentation, Franchise Mode (Offline and Online), Online Play, Superstar Mode, anything and everything in between in up for conversation.

I have been gathering my own thoughts to bring down over the past few weeks (and months), as well as feedback from other gaming communities I have a hand in, but the StickSkills.com Community has just as much of a right to be heard.

The only thing I ask when sharing your feedback with me is that you remain respectful to both the developers and to each others’ suggestions. I understand some may be frustrated with the game, and while this is not the place for “hating”, constructive feedback of all types will be taken in with open arms.

Note: From the time I arrive at EA Tiburon, I will be under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), which means anything I see or hear about the game must remain confidential.

Without further ado, if there is anything you would like to see, or any questions you may have for the developers regarding Madden NFL 13, leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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