Hybrid Hitting Xbox Live Arcade This Summer

Developers 5th Cell have begun to narrow down a time frame for the release of Hybrid, their debut Xbox Live Arcade title. Hybrid has been in electronic purgatory for over a year due to various delays, and though no release date has been announced, we should finally see it sometime in summer 2012. Combining a first person shooter(multiplayer, of course) between two factions, the Variant and the Paladin, with futuristic visuals and the setting of a world after the Apocolypse, Hybrid seems to have something for everyone. Included below is the official trailer, found on the official Hybrid website.



If the world you knew ended tomorrow and war was all that remained, would you take a stand against tyranny or would you be the tyrant? Choose wisely.” Judging from the first twenty five seconds of the trailer, I’m convinced this is a teaser for a new Saw film. I was glad to be wrong (seriously, nobody wants to play a game anymore), and even though the FPS genre isn’t my first choice, Hybrid looks like it could be a fun game to spend some time with. If for nothing else, the Paladins look like a refreshingly violent take on a Power Rangers Zord, and as a ’90s kid that’s really all I can ask for.

Hybrid hits your Xbox Live Marketplace later on this year, how do you feel about the game so far? Leave a comment or let us know in our forums!

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