WWE ’12 Patch Fails to Fix Server Issues, Game Over?

Fans of the rasslin’ world who also enjoy THQ’s WWE ’12 were initially thrilled when THQ announced that the long-standing Online server problem would be fixed via a patch that released on January 30th. Community Creations could finally be utilized! There’s just one problem: It STILL isn’t working. Users looking to download their favorite stars, arenas, logos, move-sets and the like appear dumbfounded that the game is just over three months old, and numerous server tweaks along with the aforementioned patch releasing wasn’t enough to fix the problem. I have come to despise the words pictured below, as they have ended up tainting the game experience for myself and many others, possibly beyond repair.


Now, I’m not entirely heartless. I understand server issues at launch since everyone is online, but getting even worse after three months of supposed fixes is obscene. I do not believe THQ is holding any sort of conspiracy or that they haven’t been trying, and I’m fully aware that sometimes things just happen. I can personally verify these issues are still out there after attempting to connect to the servers multiple times and not even getting an attempt at loading up, instead greeting me with the ole’ “Screen O’ Death” posted above. Who knows? Maybe THQ will be able to fix it, I can’t predict the future. One thing I do know is that until there is a definitive answer either positive or negative regarding the future of WWE ’12’s Online capability, the game has been shelved in my household.

For those who are still playing WWE ’12, are you experiencing any differences for better or worse with the Online servers since the patch came out? Leave a comment below or talk about it in our forums!

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