The Simpsons Arcade Game Set For PSN Release

If you were gaming back in 1991, you may remember the Simpsons making an appearance in a beat-em-up style game found in arcades everywhere. Even though I was only one year old, I remember like it was yesterday. Alright, not really. Fast forward over twenty years, young and older alike will have a chance to chase Smithers through all original eight (nine if you count 7.5) stages. The game will be receiving some port love (not as gross as it sounds, I promise) to the PlayStation Network, and has been tagged for release on February 7th for PlayStation Plus subscribers. On top of that, if you meet the criteria (if you’re a subscriber), the game is FREE!

Having missed the original run of the game, I am excited to finally get some time with it and see what I missed. Having played the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles release, also by Konami, and hearing that they are similar in structure I feel a little bit better about my chances heading into a first play through. On another note, a re-release of The Simpsons Arcade Game gives me a good excuse to stock up on beer and donuts, which isn’t something that should be a problem anyway. D’OH!

Are you going to get The Simpsons Arcade Game when it comes to PSN on February 7th? Let us know below with a comment or talk about it in our forums!



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