SoulCalibur V Reviews: Generally Good, Story Mode Disappointing

Reviews for the as-of-today released SoulCalibur V are being published, and so far most reviewers agree that it’s a solid release even though they don’t consider it a 9/10 or 10/10 title.  Interestingly, the three reviews we highlight all recommend purchasing the game, and Gamespot and IGN each give it an identical 7.5/10 score.


Kotaku says:

– Ezio works very well as a crossover character

– The graphics are beautiful as usual

– Too many loading screens are a “buzz-kill”

– Bottom line: “You should play this game”

IGN says:

– The Critical Edge system feels a lot like the Ultra Combo system from Street Fighter, and is easy to execute

– Story Mode is “laughable”

– The Character Creation system is still a lot of fun

– Score: 7.5

Gamespot says:

– The game needs more/better tutorials

– Too many of the old characters are gone

– Online play is “smooth”

– Score: 7.5


Even though Gamespot says online play is “smooth,” I’m not sure that will still be the case as more people pick up SC V and make heavier demand on the servers. The game looks to be a good experience for diehard fans of the series, but I’m going to hold off on an immediate purchase. What about you? Have you played SoulCalibur V yet? Are you going to buy it, wait for a price drop, or pass completely?  Discuss it in our forums or in the comments below!



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