Microsoft Comments on Xbox 720 Possible Reveal at E3

For at least a few months now, internet blogs have claimed to have “inside” information that a console would be revealed at E3 2012.  Speculation regarding the show and Microsoft was at one of the highest peaks we’ve seen in recent memory.

Well, Microsoft has pretty much killed all hope you may have had for a reveal of the Xbox 360’s successor.  According to a report by French website LePoint.fr, Microsoft France’s director Cedrick Delmas stated that, ““We’re in an industry that talks a lot, that likes to tell stories. I am not convinced things will happen this year. Xbox 360′s cycle is not at all finished. The proof is that we don’t see the logic in cutting the price this year. E3 is still premature. What’s certain is that there’ll be nothing new in 2012.”

If anyone realistically thought that the console would launch in 2012, we’d like to direct you to our long lost cousin overseas who would like to send you money.  There wouldn’t be enough time to market a new console properly, and 2013 makes the most sense right now with the market.

Seeing Microsoft tease the announcement over the beginning of next year, announcing the system, and then fully revealing it at E3 2013 seems much more likely.  What do you think of Microsoft stating that there would be nothing new on the hardware side for E3 2012?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Xbox 360’s successor in our forums!

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