Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Playstation Vita

Next month, Sony’s handheld will hit store shelves.  While the title hasn’t exactly been selling super well in Asia so far, there’s been a solid amount of buzz about the handheld in North America.

While Sony has yet to flood your TV with a ton of commercials and advertising buzz, the system is now a little over two weeks away from the First Edition bundle.  The official release of the system is scheduled for February 22nd if you’re not in to the First Edition bundle.

With the system’s release being so close, we’ve compiled our top five reasons to own the system.  Continue reading below for the full list of reasons:

5. Price – Some of you may call us crazy, but the price of the Playstation Vita is respectable.  While some gamers would obviously like to see it at a lower point, the system itself puts out a great deal of power and opportunity for growth going forward.  The system will launch at the same price that the Nintendo 3DS launched, but offering a much more powerful system.

4. Touchscreen & Touchpad – With the rise of social and mobile gaming, a touchscreen seemed to make complete sense for the system.  When Sony unveiled the Touchpad for the system, it was a feature that was a little strange.  However, the tech demo shown initially of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted system using the touchpad to climb a rope made it begin to make sense.  While we still don’t know how developers plan on using the Touchpad, there’s practical use with it and we’re excited to see the potential that’s tapped.

3. Trophies – Since the launch of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the ability to earn achievements and trophies has captivated gamers.  The ability to use a unified Playstation Network profile on both the Playstation Vita and/or the Playstation 3 to seamlessly earn trophies is attractive enough to buy the system.  Sony has delivered a huge gaming attraction around earning a “Platinum” trophy on the Playstation Network, and the Playstation Vita will continue that trend.

2. Game Line-Up – With titles from series such as Uncharted, FIFA, Rayman, and more available at launch, the system will have attractive games for every gamer.  The system is also prepared to receive entries from the Killzone, Resistance, and sports franchises such as Madden and NBA 2K.  Looking at the first year of games coming to the console, it’s poised to have an exceptional library of games.

1. Dual-Analog Sticks – One of the biggest complaints on the PSP, or most handheld systems, is that they only offer a single analog stick.  Having dual-analog sticks makes popular shooters easy to play, sports franchises have more depth, and allow other genres to be much more similar to their console counterparts.

For the Playstation Vita to enjoy longevity as a handheld, having dual-analog sticks helps the library of games be much more similar to their console versions.  Fans of certain series who are constantly on the go will be able to play their games online, or take titles such as MLB 12: The Show on the road to continue their franchise.

Are you planning on purchasing a Playstation Vita this year?  What features are the most important to you when you’re making your decision on the handheld system?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Playstation Vita in our forums!

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