Harmonix Working on a Downloadable Title with Facebook Integration

Rock Band has been one of our favorite series since its inception.  Personally, the series introduced me to artists and genres of music that I would have normally never gave the time of day.

While many gamers have been wondering what exactly Harmonix has been working on recently, it appears that we may have some of the first clues.  The resume of Brian Chan, Lead Designer at Harmonix, has been discovered on the internet.

Brian’s resume details an “Unannounced Title” for the “XBLA/PSN/Facebook”.  His resume mentions microtransactions and deep social-network integration, something that leads us to believe it’s another Rock Band title.  Rock Band has become the supreme ruler in having a giant amount of microtransactions being purchased by its followers, as the game consistently cranks out new music tracks to purchase.

While it’s not entirely concrete, the details make us think that Harmonix is working on a downloadable only version of Rock Band with Facebook integration.  There are a ton of instruments already out there, so fans or newcomers would have easy access to a plethora of plastic tools.

What do you think about Harmonix’s latest project?  Do you feel that it’s a new Rock Band title or something else entirely?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the news in our forums!

[Thanks supererogatory!]

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