Rayman Origins Coming to 3DS

I always seem to gush compliments for Rayman Origins, how the intuitive and laid-back platformer really captures an essence of charm lost in the graphics-over-fun style too many games approach these days. Great news for those who own a Nintendo 3DS and enjoyed Rayman Origins, as you can now put the two of them together in 3D glory! Below is the official screenshot released showcasing the game, without the 3D of course:


The game was tagged with a release date of March 20th, just over a month after it hits stores for the PS Vita. As for features, Rayman Origins 3D will showcase all you can do with the 3DS, including but not limited to Spotpass, achievements and avatars. I’m pretty excited to say the least, but how do you feel about Rayman Origins getting the portable treatment? Leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!



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