WWE ’12 Make Good DLC Leaked?

For weeks there have been discussions of a “make good” DLC that would be coming our way from THQ as a peace offering due to unexpected server problems that have plagued the game’s online portions including (and this one is most unfortunate for those like myself who enjoy using classic-but-unofficial replicas of their favorite old school wrestlers) Community Creations. However, thanks to an untimely (or quite timely, for those who are anxiously waiting to see who it is) post in the WWE Shop section of the game that has since been removed, we here at StickSkills may have cracked the code.

However, before I say who the Superstar in question is (I know, I know, I’m being cruel), let us look back on the hints given by THQ WWE ’12 developer Marcus Stephenson on his most recent blog, “The Hammer’s Community Crunch“:

And, as you may be well aware, we have a “make-good-free-DLC” WWE Superstar planned for you, as a thank you for your continued patience. This WWE Superstar doesn’t just “break the walls down”, he absolutely destroys any wall or foe in front of him with his monstrous power. Stay tuned, he’s coming…back, to WWE ’12.

Now, before the obvious “JERICHO!” chants, I regret to inform you that for the umpteenth time THQ has also confirmed it will not be Chris Jericho as make good DLC. However, I suppose the possibility always remains that THQ is pulling the same swerve Chris Jericho did when he said he would never wrestle again.

Since I have wasted enough of your time, I may as well get to it. Marcus said that the Superstar in question not only breaks walls down, he destroys all walls or foes that test him. That much has been true, however more recently the inferred Superstar has an affinity with hate. More so, embracing it. That’s right, the “make good DLC” has been leaked to be none other than Kane! While already on the main roster, one has to logically assume this will be the masked iteration of late 2011. Don’t believe me? Check out this picture:

Consider me pumped up that my favorite return of 2011 will now be relivable any day of the week. Of course, there is always the possibility of it being a past version of masked Kane, but I’d have to place the odds as slim seeing as I distinctly remember seeing Mr. Stephenson tweet along the lines of “if only there was a way I could get this Kane in #WWE12”.

Kane is (well, cannot confirm until it is released, but likely is) going to make you embrace the hate in WWE ’12! If you’re thrilled, content or angry at me for ruining the suspense, leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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