Rumor: Syphon Filter 4 Being Unveiled Next Month

For what seems like forever, Syphon Filter 4 has been “rumored” to be announced.  The series was extremely popular on Sony’s first two consoles, but has yet to make an appearance on the Playstation 3.

Thanks to a rumor posted by Sillegamer, it appears that Sony is set to reveal Syphon Filter 4 next month.  Gabe Logan has been far rumored from meaningful action, and 2012 would be a great year for Sony to bring the icon back.

While nothing is confirmed at this point, the rumor does seem to be rather likely.  Rumors have circulated for roughly two years on the existence of the title, and an announcement of the title next month could leave to an E3 reveal this Summer.

What do you think about the possibility of Syphon Filter 4 being announced next month?  Would you be interested in a new Syphon Filter title?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Syphon Filter in our forums!

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