AT&T Pulls a Fast One on PS Vita 3G Data Pricing

There has been a lot of uproar over the words “PlayStation Vita” and “price”, and not much of it has been positive. Between the console itself, the memory cards, the games, and the optional-but-essential-for-travelers 3G data plan via AT&T, there is a lot of money involved should you decide to purchase one. Chalk up a little bit more dough, because the plans have literally changed.

The previous 3G data plan for your 3G-enabled Vita was $15 for 250MB, and $25 for 2GB. Not so fast, as the latter option has retired before it has even hit stateside. While the $15 for 250MB is still in effect, the new alternative is $30 for 3GB.

I have to commend AT&T for their business strategy, but as a consumer my wallet isn’t going to be thrilled when I deliver the news. I mean, it certainly entices me to get 2.75 more GB for $15 extra to avoid any overuse charges, but if I end up getting a Vita, AT&T may have forced my hand if I decide a 3G-enabled model is the way to go. I felt confident in the ability to make 2GB count, but 250MB is hardly going to last a week. How do you feel about the PlayStation Vita 3G Data price hike? Leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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