Resident Evil 6 to Feature Multiplayer & 6 Player Co-op

Over the past two weeks, its hard to find a game that has received more attention than Resident Evil 6.  To rumors of its existence, to potential announcement, characters, and finally an announcement, there has been an absolute ton of coverage on the game.  With a title as potentially big as Resident Evil 6, the coverage is well-deserved.

If you mosey on over to the Xbox.com website, you’ll find a listing for Resident Evil 6 that showcases a few details.  You’ll find the typical description for the game, but the interesting portion deals with the multiplayer aspect.

The description mentions two player offline cooperative play, which comes as no surprise.  However, when looking even further through the “Overview” section, you’ll quickly notice the mention of 2-8 players for online multiplayer and 2-6 players for online cooperative play.  What exactly does Resident Evil 6 have in store when including six players for cooperative play?

We’re intrigued, as are most Resident Evil fans.  What kind of missions do you think will be available for the co-op mode?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Resident Evil 6 in our forums!


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