Reminder: Playstation Network Down for Maintenance

You turned on your Playstation 3 or PSP today for a little fun, and wait, what’s that? You can’t access the Playstation Network.  Your day scheduled to be filled with nothing but online multiplayer has now been wrecked, but why? Don’t worry, the Playstation Network is down for routine maintenance.

Sony issued an official statement on the Playstation Blog detailing the length of the maintenance.  The Playstation Network will be down today from 8AM to 9PM Pacific.  Below, we’ve listed the services you will not be able to access during the scheduled maintenance:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP, and Media Go.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.
  • PlayStation Home
  • Music Unlimited & Video Unlimited services

While the online portion of the network won’t be available today, it’s a great time to finish off those singleplayer titles that you’ve been neglecting.  What games are you planning on playing today while the network is down?  Be sure to let us know by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Playstation Network in our forums!

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