Bioshock: Infinite Adds ‘1999 Mode’

It’s a little crazy to me that the year 1999 is already symbolic with “old school”, but that seems to be the case at least with the upcoming FPS Bioshock: Infinite. Recently announced by Irrational Games is a brand new mode, aptly titled “1999 Mode” which focuses the user on more long-term decision making in the hopes of increasing the game’s difficulty (permanent ramifications both positive and negative) in the style of an RPG. Irrational Games came to the idea by asking the public for feedback by means of survey, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Along with ‘1999 Mode’ affecting your character’s life decisions, you will also have to learn a specialization in weapons in order to make the weapons actually mean something later on and carefully plan through each level in your head (don’t mess up!) when in combat. I’m looking forward to seeing just how difficult the game is, because at least I know I can play in the style of 1999…If they were to call it Mortal Kombat II Arcade Mode, I’d likely just save the time and throw $50 in quarters at Irrational Games.

Are you excited for 1999 Mode in Bioshock: Infinite? Leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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