Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer Reveals Six Characters, PS Vita Version

Street Fighter X Tekken is a fighting game that nearly all fans of the genre I have interacted with are increasingly excited for, and the latest trailer provided which details some more of the fighters we can use is only going to increase that hype. From the Street Fighter side we have two of the original four bosses from Street Fighter II, Vega and Balrog (better known as Balrog and M.Bison in Japan) as well as Juri, who was introduced in Street Fighter IV…and on the Tekken side we have the welcomed additions of Paul, Law and Xiaoyu. Below is the official trailer released by Capcom showcasing the new characters:



If you watched all the way until the end, you’ll also see confirmation of a PlayStation Vita version of the game in development. Two (Vita-exclusive?) characters are disguised in shadows as well, though (SPOILER ALERT) most gamers have a hunch who they are upon a first glance. Personally, I see Pac-Man and Mega Man, which all gimmicky fighting game additions aside would be an awesome duo to use on any fighting release, especially the fast paced style of both Tekken and Street Fighter.

Are you excited for the new characters? More excited for the PS Vita version? Leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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