Rumor: Resident Evil 6 to be Revealed Tomorrow

Resident Evil fans have been begging for the title to be announced for quite some time, but it appears that Resident Evil 6 may finally be revealed tomorrow.  A rather interesting viral website has popped up on the internet, and the currently clues seem to be pointing towards a reveal of a new Resident Evil title.

The website, which is called No Hope Left, contains various images and videos from around the globe.  As you scan throughout the pictures and videos, you’ll soon notice that there’s the famous biohazard logo that’s heavily featured in the Resident Evil series.  The best part? The date of “19.01.12” featured in the trailer points to what we’re hoping to be a reveal tomorrow.  We’ve included the most recent trailer for the “No Hope Left” campaign below.

A new Resident Evil is something that fans want, and Capcom is obviously interested in keeping the series going, so we’re hoping the “rumored” announcement holds true.  To add fuel to the flames, a rumor was found awhile back that mentioned Resident Evil 6 taking place in China.  The video we’ve included above is recorded in China.  Coincidence? We think not.

The announcement is set to go live tomorrow, and we’ll be on top of the coverage once an official announcement is made in regards to the viral campaign.  Do you think that it’ll end up being Resident Evil 6, or something completely different?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Resident Evil 6 in our forums!

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