THQ Denies Rumors; Still Planning 2014 Releases

The internet, or at least the gaming portion of it, seemed to explode yesterday with rumors that THQ was in some serious trouble.  With quite a bit of rebranding having been performed the last few years by the company, it seemed odd that it would be attempting to sell itself so quickly.

Rumors were stating that THQ was set to cancel all of its 2014 games.  In addition, the company was rumored to be offering itself to a few Asian companies in hopes of being bought.  THQ has come out today and issued an official statement denying everything that has been “reported”.  We’ve included the statement below:

“THQ has not cancelled its 2014 line-up, and has not made any decisions regarding the planned MMO.  As part of the ongoing review of our business, we have made decisions to ensure that the company is strategically addressing the most attractive markets.

“Our slate for calendar 2012 and beyond is focused on high-quality core games and continues to build our digital platform and business.  We are excited for our pipeline of original and high-quality content along with our relationships with some of the best talent in the industry.”

While THQ may not have had the greatest slew of releases in the past, they’ve done an excellent job of hiring the right people and putting out quality titles recently.  What do you think about the rumors surrounding THQ?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or join our community for free!

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