The Best Battlefield 3 Montage You’ll See: Road Rage

There are a lot of talented editors in the video game world today.  With so many talented individuals, it’s a little depressing to see most of them doing strictly commentary over their highlights.  Tired of seeing the lack of creativity as well? Then do we ever have a treat for you today.

YouTube user halo123456 has put together a short gaming film of sorts entitled, “Road Rage”.  There’s an old school feel to the video, great music choice, great editing, and absolutely great action.  Continue below to see a treat of the world of editing video games footage.

What do you think about the short gaming film entitled, “Road Rage”?  Do you prefer clips of this nature, or are you more a fan of the commentary trend that’s grown ever so popular?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or join our Battlefield fans in the forums!

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