EA Releases the “This is SSX” Trailer

If you even remotely like videogames at all, we find it almost impossible not to like the SSX series.  While snowboarding may not be for everyone, being able to do and link together insane tricks is almost always fun.  If you’ve yet to see any footage  from the upcoming SSX title from EA, then you’re in for a treat today.

EA has released the “This is SSX” trailer, showcasing the various game modes and features of the title.  Whether it’s the ability to set a ghost lap time to compete against friends, or explore the regions for Geotags, your excitement is set to increase for the game.

Continue viewing below for the latest trailer for SSX.

What do you think about the latest trailer for SSX?  Are you planning on picking up the title when it hits store shelves on February 28th of this year?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or join the SSX fans in our forums!

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