Amazon Discounts Xbox Live Memberships Today

If your Xbox Live is on the verge of running out soon, or if you’ve just been anxiously waiting for a deal, then you’ll went to visit Amazon today.  Whether you’re looking for a 12-month card or a 3-month card, Amazon has decided to discount both versions of the Xbox Live membership.

While you’re able to get the card, we recommend going for the digital format so that you can receive the code almost instantaneous. The deal should be valid through today, but we’re not sure how much longer Amazon will keep it going.  The 12-month membership has been discounted to $39.99 and the 3-month membership has been discounted to just over $20.  Below, we’ve listed direct links to both versions of the subscription.

Xbox Live 12-month membership | Xbox Live 3-month membership
What do you think about Amazon’s most recently sale for Xbox Live memberships?  Are you planning on picking a membership up today?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or join our community for free!

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