Razer’s Project Fiona May Change Gaming

We’ve seen some rather dramatic shifts in gaming the past five years, but Razer’s Project Fiona has the ability to shake up the market even more.  While we’ve seen the emergence of tablet or mobile gaming increase by incredible amounts, Razer has a rather perfect idea for gamers in mind.

If you haven’t read up on Project Fiona, we highly suggest doing so.  The tablet is projected to be under $1,000 dollars, but pack a maximum PC performance.  Don’t believe us? The tablet currently runs with an i7 processor, multi-touch screen, accelerometer, and is said to be able to run any current PC title without a problem.  Color us impressed.

The tablet has a unique design, boasting two analog sticks on each side of the tablet.   While it currently appears a little difficult to travel with, the comfort factor you’ll have with the tablet is impressive.  Project Fiona also runs a version of Windows 7, but Razer is planning on launching later this year with Windows 8.

The exciting part about Project Fiona is that it’s pushing the tablet boundary, and putting an incredible amount of power into a previously “social” platform.  While the comfort factor of having analog sticks is there, the portability factor is however lacking.  We would love to see Razer implement a way for the analog sticks to be detachable.  This would allow for the tablet to be easier packed, and make it a must-have device.

At CES 2012, attendees paid quite a bit of attention to Project Fiona.  The device was seen running titles like Skyrim and Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.  Most skeptics are stating that it will only run at the “lowest settings”, but the video we included in the article shows Skyrim being played at the highest settings.

It’s impressive to see the specifications behind this 10.1-inch tablet, and while there’s a good bit of skepticism around it, we feel that it could easily change the gaming landscape.  Being able to take some of the most popular games on the go and run them at the highest settings would be something gamers would pay a rather high price for.

The question is, are gamers willing and ready to pay $1,000 for Project Fiona if it’s able to meet expectations?  It’s tough to guess at this point, but if Razer can pull off this project, we’ll see quite a bit of sales and buzz around their tablet.

What do you think about Project Fiona?  Would you be willing to buy one for just under $1,000 if they’re able to pull off what they’re promising?  What would you like to see changed about the device?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or tell us in our forums!

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